NY Reiki Healer specializes in practicing reiki, angel and crystal healing. I have been practicing Reiki healing since 2007 and it has been a wonderful journey of healing my own physical and emotional ailments and proving to others how your emotional joy can affect in manifesting all your surroundings.

The power of healing constitutes three powerful healing energies - Angel, Reiki and Crystal healing. Uniting these power energies will bring a great peaceful healing session, a positive outlook not only on yourself but unto others as well.

Reiki is universal healing light (Rei = higher power; Ki = life force energy).

Angel healing consists of angel energy/presence guiding you to heal the right situation and/or physical ailment; certain angels who aid during a healing session would be Archangel Raphael who is the angel of health.  Overall, health is a balance between mental, emotional and physical balance and wellbeing.

Crystal healing consists of beautiful natural elements found on earth (e.g. rock/crystals) to come and aid humanity and earth.  The vibration and energy of these crystals and rock elements are to balance the energy centers in our body called the chakras.

Chakras are very important in our overall system; they govern the way we function mentally, emotionally and physically. It is suggested that our physical ailments are due to our emotional upsets that fester for long periods of time and do not come to a peaceful understanding.  Anger, guilt, jealously, impatience and  all other ego based emotions can create di-sease in our body.

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